Stewardship: Planned Giving

As Christians, we are privileged to share our time, our talents, and our financial resources with our congregation as our sign of our thankfulness to God.  There are many ways to give at Emmanuel and all gifts are valuable!

Gifts of time, talent and financial support make the work of Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam possible.

Emmanuel Church’s operations and activities, like those of most churches, are funded by the generous and kind financial support of the congregation. These are for the ongoing costs such as the priest’s salary, rent and utilities as well as the cost of the usual things used in the services and Sunday School classes.

Without your financial support, Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam would not be able to function and continue to be the spiritual force for good that it is.

Some Ways To Financially Support Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam

There are many ways you can financially support Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam:

  • Regular Planned Giving via a Standing Order or Direct Debit we raise most of our funds by monthly Standing Order (autopay). This gives you a 15% tax deduction and allows the Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam to better plan its finances by knowing what regular part of its income will be provided by members of the congregation.  By sending a Standing Order to your bank in favour of Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam, you will be helping Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam and you will receive a charity donation receipt annually in April in time to claim a Hong Kong tax deduction.

    Click here to download a Planned Giving Bank Standing Order Form.

    Please print the Bank Standing Order Form and complete it, leaving the reference blank.

    Please post the completed Bank Standing Order Form to:
    The Administrator: Ms. Viola Ip, St. John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.

    Note: Your Financial Stewardship is CONFIDENTIAL and known only to The Almighty, and The Administrator at St. John’s Cathedral.

  • Online Credit Card Donations The St.John’s Cathedral website now offers an on-line credit card donation service.  See Making an on-line credit card donation to Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam.

  • Direct Deposits a direct deposit to the Emmanuel Church – Pokfulam bank account is another simple and effective way of demonstrating your support (bank details are the same as those on the Bank Standing Order Form):
    Account Name: St John’s Cathedral – Emmanuel Church
    Bank Code: 004
    Account Number: 002-245348-015
    Bank Name: The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
    Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

  • Sunday Morning Collection – your weekly contribution to the collection needs no explanation, except to point out that red notes are popular, while brown and golden notes are even better!

  • One Time Gifts, Special Gifts If you would like to make a one time gift and you would like to receive a charitable donation receipt, please make your cheque payable to:
    St John’s Cathedral – Emmanuel Church
    and send it to:
    The Administrator: Ms. Viola Ip, St. John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.
    Please include your return address so that we can send you your charitable receipt.
    Please also state if your gift is for a specific purpose and if you require details of the gift to remain CONFIDENTIAL.

If you have any questions, please contact the St. John’s Cathedral Administrator: Ms. Viola Ip by filling out the contact form below.

God bless you and thank you for your financial support.

Use the form below to contact Ms. Viola Ip – the St. John’s Cathedral Administrator & Emmanuel Church Treasurer.

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Extract from Hong Kong SAR Inland Revenue Department “Guide to Tax Return – Individuals (B.I.R.60) (4/2008)”, Section 4.3 Deductions, subsection (3): Approved charitable donations (box 32).

  • Donations must be in respect of those made to tax-exempt charities or Government for charitable purposes and supported by receipts.  List of tax-exempt charities is available on the [Inland Revenue] Department’s website ( )

  • The aggregate deduction of approved charitable donation must not be less than HKD100 and shall not exceed 35% of your income after allowable expenses and depreciation allowances.  (For year of assessment 2003/04 to 2007/08, the limit is 25%.)

  • In support of your claim for deductions, you should ask for donation receipts issued by the tax-exempt charities and the Government and retain these receipts for a period of 6 years after the expiration of the year of assessment in which the donations were made.  Production of donation receipts for examination is required in the event your case is selected for review.

  • Enter TOTAL AMOUNT of approved charitable donation made during the year.  Donations already claimed in your spouse’s return should be excluded.

For clarification: an “approved charitable donation” means a donation of money to any charitable institution or trust of a public character, which is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Hong Kong SAR Inland Revenue Ordinance, or to the Government, for charitable purposes. (Section 2 of the Hong Kong SAR Inland Revenue Ordinance).

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