A Prayer for the Philippines

Following the recent devastating typhoon in the Philippines, a special prayer for the country’s people has been prepared by the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. It will be prayed in St John’s Cathedral and her three daughter churches at every service this week. We encourage you to use it as part of your own devotions over coming days. 

God, our Father, in faith, we acknowledge your care for us, your children. In hope, we trust in your divine providence of giving us wisdom and courage as we face the challenges of life. 

In love, we invoke your help and guidance during these difficult days of death and destruction in our land. 

Grant eternal peace to those who lost their lives. Embrace the children who died in their innocence. Help those who are hurt and cure those who are sick.

Encourage those who suffer the destruction of their homes and properties, and to rise from the ruins and rebuild their future.

Bless all those who extend their  helping hand to those in need of food, shelter and clothing, who share their resources with others.

At your command the wind and the seas obey, raise your hand Almighty God and spare us from other natural disasters and devastations. Teach us to be responsible stewards of your creation. At this time of crisis, move us to share more and to love more.  

We pray this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.